About Us

We understand that a good field claims product is not just an estimate and photos, it’s thorough inspections and clear reporting, while providing a positive policyholder experience. By choosing the right adjuster for the loss, supporting our adjusters in the field, and through our quality-assurance file reviews, our entire process is dedicated to quality and accountability.

Timing is everything, and we work to provide a fast and accurate product. Our main focus is daily claims. We provide experienced adjusters to develop within client accounts long-term, creating a familiarity with our clients’ operations, policies, and procedures that ensure quality outcomes for your customers.

By assisting with daily claims during CAT events, your team can focus on the volume. You’ll always have a trusted partner in the field.

Our CAT adjusters can assist in the event, and then our daily adjusters will stick around to handle your re-inspections.

We specialize in peril isolation, by taking over lower-volume loss perils. We help you develop the claims process for uniformity and consistency in handling.

Our Mission:

It’s about the people. We are committed to finding and developing the best claims professionals available. At FCC, our goal is to provide quality claims products at reasonable prices. From Daily claims, to CAT claims, difficult re-inspections, appraisals, and expert work, we will always work to get it right, and report clear and accurate information so that you can resolve claims with confidence.

Our services include:

  • Residential / Commercial Property Daily Claims Adjusting
  • Residential / Commercial Property CAT Claims Adjusting
  • Appraisal Services
  • Umpire Services
  • Expert Services and Litigation Re-inspections

Appraiser in office with client